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Petition to Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU
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Thur 4 April 9:35am:   6,060,460 signatures

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3 Steps to Make Everyone's Voice Heard

  1. Find 3 people who haven't signed yet.
    Any British citizen or UK resident can sign. Even if they're under 18.
  2. Get them to sign the petition. Petition to Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. 
 (Remind them to look for the verification email - it may go into junk.)
  3. Tell everyone on all your social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc) about #17millionsignatures 17millionsignatures.uk.
    Get them to find 3 people too.

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This petition has gained a huge number of signatures.  From 200,000 on Thursday 21 March, it grew to 5 million in 3 days.

It has now passed pass 6 million. Which makes it big news not just in Britain but around the world.

In this really crucial week when they vote on the future of Brexit, the MPs who actually do put their country first will know that we are there behind them.

Every signature will be a voice from the people - right there in the House.

But we need to keep pushing. The petition is big news, but we need to keep it at the front of people's minds.

Keep the signature count rising.  Pass this site on to everyone you can.

And keep talking.

Thank you.

The Challenge

"Should it reach 17.4 million respondents then I am sure there will be a very clear case for taking action"

Andrea Leadsom MP 21 March 2019, sarcastically commenting on the petition

Of course, she thought it would never happen.

And it probably won't - but 6 million is a lot closer than anyone could have imagined. (And more than the entire population of Denmark).

With that kind of roar from the people of the UK ringing in their ears, all our MPs will know that they can no longer continue their games, party-political manoeuvres and sheer pig-headedness.

They will have to take notice of the majority of people in Britain that now wish to remain in the EU.

The people who have been ignored for three years because they "lost".

Make their voices heard. Make your voice heard.

And keep the real will of the British people front and centre as our MPs struggle to find a way out of the Brexit disaster.

Put yourself out there

Obviously not everyone is going to agree with this idea.  Brexit is the most divisive thing ever to happen to us.  And you might be worried about getting into an argument if you don’t know someone’s opinion up front.

So here’s an easy way to start a conversation.  Just ask:

“What do you think of that Revoke Article 50 petition?”

If they say something rude about whingeing Remoaners, you can leave it there. If someone still wants to leave at this point, you're not going to change their mind.

But more likely they'll be really glad you told them. Get them to sign if they haven't already. And then get them to tell other people about this campaign.

Thank you again.




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